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Employers’ needs can vary. 

Temporary, full-time, temp to hire, seasonal, administrative, direct hire, shift work, part-time, skilled labor — you need it, we’ve got it. 

We have you (and our employees) covered. 

We provide all liability, worker compensation, and unemployment insurance for our employees on your site. 

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"With a small team, HR is not my only job. Advertising/recruiting, interviewing, and new hire paperwork is all very time-consuming. Team Employment has taken the time-consuming tasks of interviewing, background checks, drug screens, and new hire paperwork off my plate. Plus, starting candidates through Team first allows us to evaluate candidates on the job which is much more effective than just reading an application."
Aero Transportation Products, Inc.
Satisfied Client, 15 Years and Counting


Our hiring process is thorough. 

Pre-employment drug screening as well as local, state, and federal background checks and a complete work comp history are part of our standard application process.

We go the extra mile.

We meet face-to-face with each applicant so we can learn more about their skills, aptitudes, and work experience to get the full picture.

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