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Are you looking for one or more employees to join your company? Let Team Employment, LLC be your full service employment agency. Take a look at the benefits and options and then contact us to fill your needs!

About Team Employment

Team Employment, LLC is a full-service employment agency offering temporary employees and temporary to permanent employees, as well as direct placement for professional, administrative, managerial, technical, manufacturing, sales, clerical, skilled, and manual labor positions.

Customer Satisfaction

Your satisfaction is our number one priority. We recruit and screen employees to meet your specifications, making sure nothing is ignored while we try to provide you with the most qualified, highly skilled, and experienced employees available. After all, a perfect fit is what we are both looking for.

You can expect customer service and quality control like you have never experienced. When our employees are on the job, we continually evaluate their work and seek your input on their performance. And should you be dissatisfied with an employee’s performance, notify us immediately.

Saving You Time

We take the hassle out of hiring because we provide all initial recruitment, pre-screening, interviewing, reference checks, job skills verification, and, if necessary, pre-employment drug testing. We make sure that employees have the skills and qualifications you need before we refer them to you.

And as most companies have shifted to just in time inventory, we offer Just In Time Staffing. As projects emerge and disappear, we provide you with the flexibility and responsiveness to meet all your staffing needs within hours.

Saving You Money

Administration costs for employees assigned to you are our responsibility. We pay the employee’s wages and take care of all the deductions as required by Federal, State, and Local law. We also make payments to Unemployment, Workers’ Compensation Funds, and provide employees with W-2 forms at the end of the year.

No longer will you have the hassles or costs associated with Recruitment, Payroll, Payroll Taxes, Workers’ Compensation Insurance, Unemployment, Health Care Premiums, Life Insurance Payments, Pension Deposits, or Paid Time Off.

We bill you once a week, and only for the actual number of hours worked by our employees. There won’t be any surprises because our rates are guaranteed, and employee hours are always verified by their supervisor.

Limiting Your Liability

All Team Employment, LLC employees are insured, and Team Employment, LLC agrees to provide and maintain:

  • Insurance Coverage – Comprehensive General Liability $2,000,000
  • Workers’ Compensation and Employer’s Liability in accordance with the Kansas Workers Compensation Laws

Our Process

Every organization, no matter how small, hires new employees at one time or another but for most companies, hiring is a continuous and expensive process. As job vacancies occur, individuals with the abilities and skills required for successful job performance must be recruited and screened and, if subsequently offered positions, oriented to the company’s culture, procedures, and methods of operation. Our hiring process involves these steps:

Initial recruitment of as many applicants as possible who have the requisite educational background, technical skills, or training potential to perform the job. Pre-employment interviews, background checks, reference checks, job skills verification, and, if necessary, pre-employment drug testing. Selection of those applicants who meet the specific and essential requirements of the job and who appear to be most likely to become successful members of your workforce.

Placement of the applicant or applicants within your company where they are most likely to do well.

  • Orientation of all new hires to familiarize them with your company’s policies and procedures.
  • Ongoing support for you and the employee as they become a productive member of your team.
  • Head Hunting Team Employment, LLC will assist you with your search for a full time employee that will be placed immediately on your staff.

Your Options

Team Employment, LLC is a service-oriented company offering several unique employment services that are flexible enough to fit any business environment. Below are a few of the programs we offer. If one of the our services do not fit your needs, we can customize a program for you.

“Temp to Hire”

Temp to Hire allows you to temp an employee for a determined amount of days. Essentially, the fee is paid over the term of the program instead of up front.

With Temp to Hire, you have the advantage of trying an employee without absorbing the high costs of recruitment and employee turnover. Since the temporary employee is a Team Employment, LLC employee for the duration of the term, we cover all costs associated with recruitment, payroll, and employee liability (including all taxes, Workers’ Compensation Insurance, and Unemployment Insurance). At the end of the term, you have the option of continuing the employee as a temp or transferring them directly to your payroll.

“Direct Placement”

Direct Placement allows your company to review applications submitted by Team Employment, LLC. A Direct Placement employee will be hired on to your payroll directly. This employee will not be on the Team Employment, LLC Payroll.

“Buy Out”

A combination of the “Temp to Hire” and “Direct Placement” programs. Buy Out allows you, at any time during the “Temp to Hire” term, to take the employee directly onto your payroll.

“Employee Leasing”

With Employee Leasing you have the distinct advantage of maintaining your workforce without the hassles and concerns of payroll, payroll taxes, Workers’ Compensation Insurance, Unemployment Insurance, or Employee Benefits. You can transfer part or all of your workforce onto our payroll, and we will cover it all for you. This allows you to reduce costs while optimizing a full staff. Never again will you to be concerned about potential lay-offs when times are slow.

“Qualifying Service”

Team Employment, LLC will accept applications on your behalf, perform background checks, reference checks, job skills verification, and perform the initial interview in order to match the employee to your job specifications. We can then set appointments for you to interview all qualified applicants.